Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Bienvenue ! Welcome back!

Here we are, back in class again. It's here on this website that you will find some useful links as we navigate our way through an anything-but-normal school year. Remember the sign-off last year? Perseverance. We got this.

*Please note* The contents of this site have been thinned out quite a bit, as I've taken down a lot to help it become *fresh* as we move forward. I will also not be using this site as much as in previous years, as we move towards the Google classroom format that many students are growing accustomed to. You should check your respective Google classroom for course specific announcements and material, and additionally: our homework page.

Merci !

-M. Thorne

Monday, 8 June 2020

June 8, 2020

Happy Monday folks,
Your last assigned readings for our courses were posted and our last Meets occurred last week. 
Some important information I need to relay:

-All Textbooks need to be returned the WEEK of June 15-19.  Families will drop off at a prearranged time to school; Please continue to check your school email, and follow instructions communicated via Powerschool, or our School website. 
-Any more work that you wish to submit must be done by this Friday, June 12
-Marks are being finalized with the compilation of work done by students since shutdown. Many of you will note changes while the portal is still open. However, I believe it will be inaccessible for a period of time just before
-Report Cards will be released the week of June 22 via Parent Portal.

Perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

I believe we have persevered through this school year that has brought us many challenges. I’m very thankful to have had so many of you willingly engage in your education after the schools had physically closed. And I want to wish you all the best for your summer and, to the grade 9s, a successful transition into high school. 

Sincerely, thanks for tuning in.

Monsieur Thorne

Monday, 1 June 2020

June 1, 2020

Good morning,
Happy Monday!
Believe it or not, this week is our last for online learning sessions. Time has flown by, and I feel like we were gaining some momentum. However, this September will probably be anything but normal, and this adjustment period has been good, as moving to this format is likely inevitable for the foreseeable future.

That said, I’m beefing you up with enough material to get you through June. I’m going to be holding our last meet sessions with the 9s on Tuesday, and the 8s on Thursday.

The material that you have been submitting to me has been very encouraging to me as your teacher, because it has shown that so many of you have a keen interest in your own education. 

Sciences 8 - les interactions des systèmes

Sciences 9 - la reproduction asexuée

Sciences Humaines 9 - The Arrow - Space Race

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Monday, 25 May 2020

May 25, 2020

Good morning and happy Monday, folks.
This week there is a lot going on. Namely a Grade 9 online event on Thursday. If you are unsure of what this is, head on over to the school’s website and take a peak. 
I built a couple of nice Muskoka chairs this weekend, from kits. I can’t wait to sit out in the yard by the fire with those babies.
Academics, right! ~ This week is as follows:

Grade 8 Science - We carry on with our unit on cells. Start with the Amoeba sisters video link, and then try completing p. 5-8 in your carnet. Don’t forget the online textbook! Although, the answers are up for you, it’s important that you attempt the work and check your answers against the key. We will meet on Thursday morning, at 9:45AM. Naturally, all of the above is via our Google Classroom.

Grade 9 Science -  We carry on with the Reproduction unit. Once you are finished the last post on l’hérédité, move on with les mutations. These two sets of notes are both here and on my website. Read pp.122-129 from our textbook (don’t forget you can get it online here.) And follow your carnet on p. 6-7. Of course, as always, check out the cool videos links, as well. We meet again on Tuesday, at 10:00AM

Sciences Humaines 9 - La Guerre Froide continue. N’oubliez pas d’utiliser votre compte d’école (nlesd) pour observer les documents de chapitre 8. Le manuel est seulement disponible en photos. Continue work on the Carnet - Ch. 8 Document on Google Classroom, submit what you like, but be sure to let me know if you want credit for it. Explore the video links at your own pace. All are found on the website or here. We meet again on Tuesday, at 10:00AM We’ll be doing some Sciences as well.

Santé 8 - Follow our Google Classroom, led by Madame O’Leary.

That’s it for now. Have a a great week.
Stay safe, stay active, and stay in touch.

Monsieur Thorne

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

May 19, 2020

Hi folks,
We're starting new chapters across the board this week.

Sciences 8: les cellules

Sciences 9: la reproduction

Sciences Humaines 9: le Canada dans le monde (la guerre froide)

Santé 8: Mindfulness activities (Merci Mme. O'Leary)

As always, submit what you wish, and please join us for our Google Meet sessions, times announced in our Google Classrooms.

REMINDER: Due date for Science Projects is this Friday, May 22.

Stay safe, stay active, and stay in touch.

Monsieur Thorne

Monday, 11 May 2020

May 11, 2020

Good morning and happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. The following is your update for this week of May 11:

For Sciences 8, you folks were awesome on Friday's Quizlet Live and Google Meet session. We're going to try and clue up this Optiques Unit this week. We'll try the same thing this week, only on Thursday, at 9:30AM. Please be sure to stay up to date with the material posted here on my website and over there on Google Classroom. If you want to submit anything (the revision perhaps), just let me know. I'll be posting a Google Form Quiz there as well.

Sciences 9, we're hoping to finish the work posted on the Electricity Unit. I'm thinking we finish up this week, so we can start brand new on our Reproduction Unit next week. Please finish working on what I posted on our Google classroom there last week -the energy and power problems from the textbook, specifically. If you'd like to submit part of or any of this for marks, please let me know.

Sciences Humaines 9: We met last week for our combined Sciences/Sciences Humaines Quizlet Live session. We will meet much the same way on Tuesday morning, at 10:30. There we will discuss chapter 7 a little bit and maybe some of our Sciences course. If everyone feels comfortable moving forward, we will carry into chapter 8: La Guerre Froide.

Santé 8: Madame O'Leary has been awesome in helping us out with our Google Classroom. Last week you may have noticed that we have joined forces for this course.  If you'd like to work on, or submit, anything there, please let me know. The current topic is great for our reality - mental health. Check it out!

Lastly, those of you working on a Sciences Project of some sort, please have everything submitted by Friday May 22, 2020.

That's it for now.
Stay safe, stay active, and keep in touch.

Monsieur Thorne